How Stress Relates to Your Health

Stress and Illness

In our life we encounter stress on a daily basis. Stress comes from any unusual changes in life whether they are positive or negative. The way our bodies react to stress can help us perform better and can keep us alert and ready for things coming our way. Even though stress can be positive there is a time when stress can have adverse effects. When a person cannot return to a normal resting state and continues to feel tense and alert this can be harmful to the body and lead to emotional and physical problems. Some people turn to compulsive behaviors to try to lower their stress levels; however, these behaviors often leave the body stressed and don’t solve the real issue of what is the original cause of your stress.

It is extremely important that people find ways to help them relieve stress in a healthy way. By knowing what causes stress in your life you will be able to combat those feelings and help your body return to a resting state which will help you feel better.

In this article they show some warning signs for stress that you may not realize are related to prolonged stress. They also give some different activities and tips that may help you reduce the stress in your life. Try a few of these and see if you find a difference in your stress levels.

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