Seniors with Technology

Technology and Seniors

We live in a time where technology surrounds us almost everywhere we go. It is also becoming more popular among those adults who are 65 and older. From the article listed below it says that 71 percent of those who do use the internet use it on a daily basis. Technology can be a great asset to those who are older. Many use the internet to find information, to keep in contact with friends and family on social networking sites, using video chat, or for entertainment.

Other electronics are becoming more popular. Tablets, smartphones, apps that benefit seniors specifically, wearable technology, and other assistive technology. This article goes into more depth about each of these devices and how they can benefit seniors.

When introducing a new device to a loved one it is important to be patient and help them learn how to use it. Stay with them and let them try it out on their own. But take it slow and make sure to address and concerns or questions they might have.

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